to create a customizable
15 minute mindfulness routine

This guide provides a framework for choosing mindfulness activities that allow you to switch up your daily practice so you never get bored!

Ready to customize your new routine?

This FREE guide includes:

  • Instructions and a framework for how to build your customizable daily routine

  • 12 mindful activities to mix and match that will leave you feeling more grounded and focused

  • A variety of practices related to meditation, drawing, movement and more so you never get bored

  • Tips for how to stay consistent with your daily practice

Why mindfulness?

Practices like meditation, visualization, drawing, and gentle movement exercises can help clear the mind, reduce stress, and recenter the body.

Just a few minutes a day can improve mood and will make you feel more relaxed and ready to take on the day!

Are you ready to create your own customized mindfulness routine?

Hi, I'm Jenny.

I'm an entrepreneur, creative, and healer here to help you live a heart-centered and intentional life.

When you quiet the mind and drop into your heart, you gain clearer access your intuition to live in closer alignment with your dreams and desires.

Whether you're navigating the pressures of the corporate world, the challenges of entrepreneurship, or simply seeking more peace and joy in your life, I'm here to support you in deepening your connection with yourself.