Hi, I'm Jenny.

I'm an entrepreneur, creative, and healer here to help you live a heart-centered and intentional life.

When you live with an open heart, so much more magic is possible in life. Over time, I’ve learned that when you let go of set expectations and outcomes, you find freedom in the process.

From that place, you have the capacity to find the most joy, the most love, and the most connection. 

If your heart is calling you too, it’s my sincere hope that you’ll find inspiration and breadcrumbs here for your own path.

I believe every big dream or desire starts with self-love and self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance is foundational. It changes the way you see yourself, which in turn changes the way you interact with the world. 

It's a simple concept, but it’s not always easy in practice because it requires breaking deeply engrained patterns and conditioning.

That's where practices like energy healing, mindfulness art, and embodiment can help.

Here are a few tools and resources to help you get started:

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The Heart's Path is Winding

When it comes to energy work, I didn’t realize I had intuitive gifts or a deep passion for the healing arts until just a few years ago.

In fact, my path began in a familiar pattern: pursuing a practical education, securing an MBA, and climbing the corporate ladder. Yet, as the external pressures mounted, so did a sense of disconnection from my deeper self. It was as if my heart was whispering to me that it was time to get clear on what truly mattered.

In 2019, I responded to that call and left my 9-5 job to embark on the adventure of starting my own maker business.

But, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows from there.

Entrepreneurship brought its own set of challenges. Despite my experience, credentials, and a strong track record of getting things done in the corporate world, I felt overwhelmed in my business by imposter syndrome, visibility blocks, and a fear of failure.

This is when I began to realize it was all an inside job.

Through practices like nervous system regulation, energy work, and embodiment, I've learned tools to quiet the inner critic and let my heart and intuition take the lead.

Today, I am passionate about sharing this wisdom with others. Whether you're navigating the pressures of the corporate world, the challenges of entrepreneurship, or simply seeking more peace and joy in your life, I'm here to support you in deepening your connection with yourself. 

Are you ready to live a more heart-centered life?

  • Mindful Art

    Quiets the mind and opens you to creative flow

  • Nervous System Regulation

    Keeps you calm and balanced, making it easier to handle stress and heal

  • Embodiment

    Makes you fully feel and understand your body's signals, helping you connect with yourself on a deeper level

  • Energy Work

    Helps clear out what's blocking you, boosts your inner voice, and moves you forward


Your Heart Is Calling

For the past few years, I’ve been on a quest to shift toward a more heart- centered and intentional life.

Join me on the podcast as I dive into the many things that have helped me explore my own identity and truth like mindset, energy healing, intentional living and so much more.