Learning to Listen to Your Body

Learning to Listen to Your Body

In this episode of 'Your Heart is Calling,' host Jenny talks about embodiment and how it can play a part in personal growth and wellness. Jenny discusses how getting in tune with one's body through practices like heart space breathing, dance, and art can lead to a deeper level of healing and awareness. She shares her journey of discovering embodiment as a missing link in her healing process and offers insights and activities that can help others connect with their bodies to tap into intuition and work through stress.  

What is Embodiment?

At first, the term "embodiment" was unfamiliar to me. But as I explored it more, I realized its profound impact on personal growth, mindset, and overall well-being. Embodiment is all about body awareness and tuning into our physical selves.

Practices for Embodiment

In this episode, I share various practices that have helped me connect with my body and intuition. From heart space breathing to dance and art, these activities have led to deeper healing and self-awareness. By focusing on physical sensations and allowing emotions to move through the body, we can tap into our intuition and better handle daily stress.

Embracing Embodiment for Self-Awareness

If any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to explore embodiment in your own practice! By tuning into our bodies, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our emotions. 


00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Heart-Centered Living
00:55 Exploring Embodiment: A Journey to Personal Growth
03:21 Embodiment Practices: Heart Space Breathing and Dance
09:22 Expanding Embodiment Through Art and Nature
11:52 Closing Thoughts and Encouragement


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