A Story of Synchronicities & Letting Go

A Story of Synchronicities & Letting Go

Welcome back to "Your Heart is Calling"! I'm Jenny Ostoj, and I’m stoked to share some personal reflections from my latest podcast episode. This time, I'm diving into the synchronicities in my life, particularly around an old sewing machine that has been a significant part of my journey.

A New Beginning and a Journey of Reflection

Recently, I felt a shift in my podcast's energy. I updated the intro and refreshed the cover art, which inspired me to share more personal stories. Storytelling has always been a joy for me, and as a Gemini, I love to talk and recount the fascinating moments that weave together my life.

One such story revolves around my sewing machine. For those who don’t know, I ran a business called Wag Theory from 2020 to the end of 2023. It was a labor of love where I hand-sewed beautiful dog wear, including waxed canvas jackets. The star of this venture was an old, industrial Juki sewing machine.

The Story of My Juki Sewing Machine

This sewing machine had a rich history. I acquired it from a friend who owned a small factory in Portland. It was essential for my work because I dealt with heavy materials, and this machine could handle multiple layers of thick fabric effortlessly.

What fascinated me most about the Juki was its past. Manufactured likely in the mid-1930s in Japan, this heavy-duty machine had undoubtedly seen countless projects and perhaps even wartime efforts. As I worked with it, I often daydreamed about its history and the many hands it passed through before coming into my life.

The Decision to Let Go

When I decided to close my business, I struggled to let go of the Juki. It was incredibly practical for quick repairs around the house, and I had grown attached to it. Despite our small living space and my new artistic pursuits, I couldn’t bring myself to part with it immediately.

After much reflection, I realized it was time to move on. I began seeking a new home for the Juki, and the thought of it embarking on a new journey with someone else filled me with joy. It was a poignant reminder of the many hours, tears, and physical effort invested in my business.

The Road to Hana and Life’s Synchronicities

Reflecting on my journey, a significant moment stands out: a trip to Maui with my husband in December 2017, the same month I acquired the sewing machine. We decided to drive the Road to Hana, a scenic yet challenging route, and my husband suggested we take it the unconventional way—backwards.

Unbeknownst to us, this decision led to a harrowing encounter on a narrow cliffside road. We narrowly avoided a severe accident, and the experience left me shaken. Looking back, I see it as a metaphor for my life at the time: I was going against the grain, taking a path that wasn’t aligned with my true calling.

Shortly after, I transitioned from project management—a job I was good at but didn’t fulfill me—to being a maker full-time. The sewing machine was a tangible link to this shift, representing my leap into a creative and heart-centered life.

Letting Go and Moving Forward

This past year has been full of synchronicities. From parking tickets reminding me I was overstaying my welcome in my business, to my beloved wagon being stolen just as I was ready to close that chapter, the universe seemed to be signaling it was time to move on.

The final step was saying goodbye to my Juki. On a recent vacation, I felt a clear sense that my contract with the sewing machine was complete. I spent time thanking it for all it had helped me create and decided to let it go, along with the patterns I had painstakingly developed.

Embracing Life’s Lessons

I believe that everything in life holds energy and significance. The Juki and the journey it represents are integral parts of my story. As I move on to new adventures, I carry the lessons and joy from my time with Wag Theory, knowing that each experience, like a level in a video game, helps me grow and evolve.

Life is full of beautiful synchronicities if we take the time to notice them. I hope my story inspires you to reflect on your own journey and the meaningful connections that guide you along the way.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. I wish you all a week filled with peace, love, and light. Until next time!



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