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What will I gain from this experience?

This series will help you explore and deepen your understanding of personal themes such as purpose, self-love, and worthiness through a combination of meditation and creative art practices. You will gain insights into your own life, learn new ways to express yourself artistically, and have the opportunity to share experiences with a supportive community.

Can I attend just one workshop instead of all three?

Yes, you can register for individual sessions if you're unable to commit to all three. However, attending the full series is highly recommended to experience the full arc of the themes and community building.

What is your cancellation and refund policy on workshops?

Please refer to the cancellation and refund policy here.

Do I need any prior experience in meditation or art to participate?

No prior experience in art or meditation is required. The workshops are designed to be accessible to beginners while also providing value to those with more experience. Each session will guide you through the activities, ensuring everyone can participate comfortably and gain insights.